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Shelter Systems’ portable, lightweight SolarStructures are covered with our Translucent Greenhouse Covering and can be used to capture and hold solar energy. Our SolarStructures come in many shapes and sizes. A HalfDome attaches to a house to catch and hold the sun’s warmth. If the HalfDome encloses a window or door, these can be opened during the day to allow collected heat to enter the house. A long GroRow can be used to collect solar heat by attaching it to a wall of a house or the ground.

Our Solariums are made with a lightweight construction. They let more light through than glass. Our Solariums have been used to expand family living spaces, to create studios, playrooms, retreats, sun rooms, attached greenhouses, and more.

Custom Domes where the covering or shape has been custom-made for you are not returnable since we might have trouble reselling these.

Shelter Systems’ Solarium Half Dome sun rooms, attached to a house, will catch and hold the sun’s warmth. If the Solarium encloses a window or door, these can be opened during the day to allow collected heat to enter the house. Our Solariums are half of our standard domes.

Our Solarium sun rooms are known for their lightweight construction as well as for the large amount of light they let in, more than glass. These Solariums have served to expand family living spaces, to create studios, playrooms, retreats, sun rooms, attached greenhouses, and more. Solariums can be ordered in either white covering material or translucent covering.

Easy setup
Shelter Systems’ Solariums can be set up by most people in less than 30 minutes without tools. Insert the interchangeable poles into factory-attached connectors spaced evenly over the cover. The poles bend slightly when inserted, tightening the cover into a wind- and waterproof shelter. The cover is freestanding, requiring no guy lines and can be moved into the desired position or location without disassembly. The Solarium can be taken down in 5 minutes: just remove the poles and roll up the covering.

Attaching the Solarium
The Solarium is attached to your house by means of a 6″ skirt of the superstrong film. This 6″ skirt extends along the entire edge which attaches to your house. Since the type of house siding you have determines how you attach the Solarium to your house, we do not include nails, screws or other hardware for attachment. We provide a manual telling you how to put up your Solarium, with suggestions on how to attach it to various types of houses. It takes about 30 minutes to attach the Solarium.

Sturdy design
Shelter Systems’ Solariums are stronger than any other structure made of the same materials. Because of its curved shape with no corners, there are no weak points. Our patented structure is drum tight, waterproof and wind-resistant. Shelter Systems’ Solariums have the poles on the outside with the covering suspended under the frame via Shelter Systems’ own Grip Clips™ tarp fasteners, such that the frame and the covering are not in direct contact. Because the covering is under constant and even tension, the tent will not flap or shred in high wind, poles cannot rub against the covering, which would eventually wear holes in it, and water and leaf debris cannot get caught in dips between poles. The shingled panels of our Solariums overlap each other by 6″, making the structure very strong and completely leak proof (we have a leak-proof guarantee for all of our domes). The shingling design allows the structure to breathe for excellent air circulation and so moisture is driven out by vapor pressure, preventing condensation. Shelter Systems’ patented Grip Clips™ tarp fasteners are used to join the Solarium’s cover to the pole frame and to fasten the shingled panels together. Grip Clips remove the need for sewn seams or grommets that puncture the cover, which would allow rain to enter.

Grorow4 1
An 11′ GroRow with Greenhouse Covering

RoofShells™ can be inverted and used as solar collectors.

Shelter Systems can make SolarTubes™. Used primarily as a thermal chimney to vent hot air from the building attached to it.
Also used to create a suction to pull in and circulate warm air in a house from an attached solar collector.

Durable materials

Solarium 1 1
Solarium Half Dome attached to house (in translucent covering material)

Shelter Systems’ Solariums have a covering made wholly of a superstrong, tear-proof, white multilaminate woven ripstop film which will not rot or mildew. It is UV stabilized to withstand up to 3 years full sun exposure and treated with fire retardant. The fabric is a super strong, high tensile strength, rip-stop, completely waterproof, mildew resistant, and cannot be torn by hand even after it is cut. The white color of the covering reflects the heat of the sun and provides 40% shade. This US made, proprietary material is the finest material we could find to make our tents from.

The Poles are of high quality US made PVC that is admirable for its strength, resiliency, long life, natural UV stability for a long sun life, and its strength to weight and cost ratio. The poles we use are Class 200 PVC tubing.

Shelter Systems’ Patented Grip Clips that we use to join the domes cover to its poles are molded of a UV stabilized resin blended specifically for it high strength and durability.
Light and Fresh Air
The Solarium 14, 18, and 20 have two flap doors; one to each side. The door coverings close automatically so you can go in or out quickly. There are no zippers to fumble with or break. Clear vinyl windows above the doors let you see out.

A Shelter System
The Solarium come complete with stakes, guy lines, vent tubes, spare parts and an instruction manual that details floors, anchoring, how to attach the Solariums to your house cooling, winterizing, and stove installation.

Shipping and storage
All Shelter Systems’ Solariums are shipped by UPS and pack up into compact packages that one person can handle, take as baggage on a plane, transport in a car or store in a small space.

You get a lot more volume for your money as you go up in diameter. When you step inside the 18′ Solarium after being in the 14′, the 18′ feels twice as big. The 20′ feels twice the size of the 18′. This is because the extra feet in diameter extends out in all directions (including up) creating a large increase in volume. Since the surface area of the covering does not increase as rapidly as the volume, the larger domes are less expensive for the space you get. Our drawings effectively illustrate the different sizes we offer.

Solariums are special orders and are not returnable. Be sure to let us know if you want your Solarium to be made of the White Solar Dome or the Translucent GroDome covering.

Size (Diameter) Height at Max. Weight
14′ Solarium 7 ft. 28 lb.
18′ Solarium 9 ft. 45 lb.
20′ Solarium 10 ft. 50 lb.
30′ Solarium 11 ft. 100 lb.