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Solarium 1

Shelter Systems‘ Solarium sun rooms, attached to a house, will catch and hold the sun’s warmth. If the Solarium encloses a window or door, these can be opened during the day to allow collected heat to enter the house.

Our HalfDomes are vertically sliced domes. Our Solariums are sliced GroDomes.

This Manual adds to our Standard Manual which is included with each dome.

Setting up your HalfDomes is the same as putting up our regular domes except you will end up with only 1/2 a dome like the one shown in the above photo. Note the arch of poles next to the house.



Until the HalfDome is staked out it will tend to spring out at the bottom corners. The two corners should be staked at the diameter of the dome. That is if the HalfDome is a 18’er, then stake the corners at 18′, then stake the remaining locations.

If you intend to secure your HalfDome or Solarium to a wall decide on what is the best type of fixture to use to anchor it to your wall. This could be wooden slats with nails, silicon rubber glue or bolts or screw eyes. Place the structure up agents your wall and measure and secure the base of the structure as described above. Then proceed to secure the dome’s poles and skirt to your wall. On the lager domes it is of fen easer to get on a ladder and do this inside the dome. Be extremely careful not to fall off your ladder.

Your SolarShed is no stronger than its anchors, so anchor it securely.