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Shelter Systems Domes come to you in two packages of approximately equal weight (for the 18’er 35 lbs each). Spread out poles and covering on top of floor.



Add poles to top of dome covering one pole at a time. Each pole is the same length so you cannot go wrong. Continue to work your way around dome adding poles.



The poles bend slightly, adding tension to the covering and the dome begins to lift off the ground. Before you know it, the last poles are added and your dome is up!

You Tube Videos

10′ set up, and 10′ take down and 18′ set up. And another 18′ set up.

Easy Set Up

The 14′, 18′ and 20′ YurtDomes can be set up by most people in 30 minutes without tools. The 30′ takes two strong peope about 45 minnuts. Insert the interchangeable poles into factory-attached connectors spaced evenly over the cover. The poles bend slightly when inserted, tightening the cover into a wind- and waterproof shelter. The cover is freestanding requiring no guy lines and can be moved into the desired position or location without disassembly. The YurtDome can be taken down in 5 minutes: just remove the poles and roll up the covering. The set up of the 10′ YurtDome is about 10 minutes.