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20′ HalfDome of white out and black inside. Used as a puppet theater

Selected sizes (14, 18, 20, and 30) of Shelter Systems’ SolarDomes™, Yurt Domes™, LightHouses™ and GroDome™s can be sliced vertically by us to produce HalfDomes and other sections to create special structures for you. HalfDomes created from our domes, tents, and greenhouses have been used as Solariums, puppet theaters, and attached greenhouses.

We can also make Special Shapes and Custom Domes for you. Let us know what you need and we can quote you a price.

All HalfDomes are Special Orders

Size (Diameter) Height Weight Price
14′ 7′ 28 lb. $467
18′ 9′ 45 lb. $572
20′ 10′ 50 lb. $643
30′ 11′ 10 lb. $1167