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Shelter Systems‘ lightweight, portable domes, tents, yurts, and other shelters are constructed with a method we call “shingling.” Shingling is layering the tarp panels over each other (as you would shingle the roof tiles of a house) and then fastening the panels together with our own Grip Clips.

Shingling creates a totally waterproof covering for your dome because the material is not punctured anywhere. It also allows for breathability, because small amounts of air pass between the two overlapping layers. In addition, shingling permits excellent overhead ventilation; you simply insert a lightweight object (eg an empty soda can) or a 3″-diameter Ventilation Tube (two are provided with each yurt) between overlapping panels. (Because the two panels overlap each other so much, rain can’t get in.) When the object or tube is removed, the panels snap shut and are watertight.

VentubesShingling allows the installation of Ventilation Tubes.

Shingling is part of the manufacturing process and is done completely by us at our facility. Each panel overlaps the other by 6″. The overlaps are secured by Grip Clips, which are placed 2′ to 5′ apart. The attached Grip Clips also serve as anchoring points for poles and stakes. The overlaid panels are kept under tension by the poles which are attached to the Grip Clips (like a bow string is held taut by a bow). This constant tension keeps the overlapped panels semisealed.

Inside Clip
Inside the Yurt Dome showing shingling.


Photo of poles, Grip Clips, connectors and shingling on 18′ Yurt Dome.