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wondering how many the 18’ dome would sleep?


I run a camp in Hawaii, and am interested in some temporary shelters – wondering how many the 18’ dome would sleep? And do the optional floors seal for waterproofness, as well as the optional porch? Do doors have zipper closures or how do they fasten? I would be interested in shipping rates to Colorado and Hawaii, for comparison.




Answers to your questions:

Our 18′ will sleep four to ten depending on if in cots or not.

Our floors fit inside the dome and up against the walls about 4 ” (bathtub type; they tie in. – rain runs down the outside of the dome and since there is no sewing does not wick to the floor).

The porch is tied to the dome’s poles over a door opening so that the door can be opened without vertical rain falling into the opening. It also allows you to take off wet gear before entering the dome.

Our doors hook close at the two lower corners. Zippers a a nuisance if you are using your dome more than just for one night and they brake or jam with use. Our doors overlap the dome side walls by about 3 “. We also include binder clips to secure the doors to walls in wind. Optional sticky back velcro can be used. A pole is provided that can be added to the bottom of the door that functions as a weight, such that when one corner of the door is hooked, you can walk up to the door, grab the other side of the door, swing it open, walk in and the door will swing closed after you (try that with a zipper door).

Please contact Eleanor for shipping details: 866-777-1066 [email protected]


Bob Gillis