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high wind gusts that sometimes happen on the Playa

On Mar 2, 2008

Hi There,

I purchased an 18′ Playadome from you in January, and I just set it up in my backyard as a test. The primary purpose of the dome is for use at Burning Man. I’m very impressed so far with the design and the easy set up.

I’m curious about securing the dome against the high wind gusts that sometimes happen on the Playa. Are the 12″ included pegs sufficient in your opinion, or should I use guy lines as well? Very few pictures on your site show the use of guy lines, so I get the impression that would be overkill.



Hi Karl

Generally we have found our 12″ stakes are sufficient for the Playa; but heres the rub: you never know what the condition is of the Playa is going to be and once you are out the closest home depot is in reno; so its only smart to at least take along 10 or 20 – 18″ rebar stakes with heavy cord to attach them to the domes clips: see manual: Guy lines: most of the time the domes do well with out but be prepared for that one and ten year wind storm: at least bring them along and watch the wind and if you have any doubt set guy-lines with bungee cords as described in the manual:


Bob Gillis