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questions concerning our 20′ greenhouse

On Mar 8, 2008

Hello Bob,

We are the couple that called you last weekend with questions concerning our 20′ greenhouse we were putting up. We got it up and everything but I notice that the temperature doesn’t seem to be getting any warmer inside the dome than the outside temperature. Me have it mounted to a huge concrete patio and I am wondering if the concrete is acting like a huge heat sink preventing it from heating up. If that’s the case it will be great in the summer (we live in Texas!), but what would you suggest we do when we actually need heat?


Hi Laurie

It might be that your concrete is absorbing heat. Is the greenhouse in full sun? Are you checking with an indoor and outdoor (keep in the shade) thermometers? If it is the case that your patio is absorbing most of the heat, it should eventually heat up to the point that it holds heat into the night. An old rug with or with out foam back could help insulate the air in your dome from the heat sink of your concrete. You could alternatively lay down plywood or wood decking as insolation. Or, how about chopped tree bark with stepping stones trails to your plants.


Bob Gillis