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Do the structures usually need anchoring to the floor? 

Hi Bob

Thanks for getting back to me.

From the structures on your website, I was looking at purchasing 1 x Geodesic Yurt Dome 30 and 6 x Geodesic Yurt Dome 11’s, and asking you to ship them either to London, or direct to Athens.

Is the cost for the structures the still the same as on your web site?

How much would the shipping cost?

What lead time would there be, from receipt of order to delivery?

Can we print graphics direct onto the fabric?

Do the structures usually need anchoring to the floor? We are placing them directly onto paving stones, so we cannot fix into the floor. Obviously, the wind speed will affect the stability of the structure – what do you normally recommend?

Hope this clarifies my request



Hi Robin

The pricing on the web is current.

Be aware that the YD 11 is not as highly faceted as our other domes; see attached photo:Solordome11

The 11 and 8 are Special Orders and are Not Returnable. Note to the height in the center is 6′ 4″.

For shipping and lead time please email the order desk Eleanor: [email protected]

The inks used to print on the dome need to be designed to bond to a not very absorbent plastic. Think magic marker ink. Some acrylic spray paint when applied thinly seem to hold but any used should be tested to prove satisfactory to you. Banners make it simple.

The domes need to be held down. This can be done with weight. Water in jugs or sand bags. Just make sure you have enough to hold it in strong wind.


Bob Gillis