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On Jan 12, 2007

On Jan 12, 2007

Hi Bob,
I’m the happy owner of an 18′ for three years. I’ve lived in it full time in California ( see photos from San Diego nspr ).
Your Dome is famous in San DIego !

Now I’ve moved to New Hampshire and I want to use it here…in the summers at least.  In the move from coast to coast, my whole set of poles got lost.  Do you sell whole sets ?  Can I made up another set out of Schedule 20 myself ?  Will you send me the measurements and the number of each ?



Hi Joil

A pole set for the 18′ is 15% of the cost of the dome or $108. The PVC used 14 – 20′ lengths of 1″ Class 200 or 125 PVC pipe (for poles)

Cut 40 – 56.5 ” poles of your 1″ PVC. Cut 12 – 33.5″ poles of your 1″ PVC.

Can we put your photos and text on our testimonial page? Do you have any other photos?


Bob Gillis