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On Jan 18, 2007

On Jan 18, 2007

Dome as an Ice Fishing House

I am looking for a new alternative for a large ice fishing tent. I am considering trying a 12 x 12 EZ up Tent with four solid walls. Can you tell me if one of your dome style tents would hold up better to wind and what you may recommend for a “base camp” for a large fishing party of 10 to 15 to grill inside and get out of the wind?

Also, how much this might cost and how quickly I can get it.

Thank you.

Christopher , CIC


One of our 14′ domes may work for you.

Geodesic Dome 14 Diameter 14 ‘x 7′ High, 154 sq’, Weight 40 lb. $620 Shipping $55
Contact Eleanor at [email protected] 866-777-1066 for shipping times and ordering

They should hold up much better than an EZ up. We have sold a number of domes for ice fishing. When you put it up follow the cold weather set up :

Note when putting up your dome in the cold: The poles of the dome are made of PVC, a thermo plastic, which gets stiffer with the cold. In putting up the dome the poles are bent and inserted into connectors. It is preferable that the domes be set up during the day when the air temperature is warmer. Poles may be kept warm by wrapping them in a blanket with several large bottles of boiling hot water. Once the poles are warm remove and insert them one at a time from the blanket. If the domes are set up in the extreme cold with out warming the poles some may break. This should not be a problem however since we include 4 extra poles with each dome.


Bob Gillis