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Stockholm, Sweden

On May 15, 2006

Dear Bob,

I am a a gardening interested doctor from Sweden and have just ordered a green house in glass measuring 371 x 605 cm and 305 cm in hight ( )
The problem in Sweden is gardening or protecting plants during winter time.
Most people w greenhouses uses bubble plastic which they hang inside the house to isolate when temp drop. Its quite laborious and not very practical nor effective.
Maybe its possible to use one of your tents inside the greenhouse during winter?
What would you suggest ? Do you have a good isolating cover for such a use or maybe
its possible to complement your cover with just placing bubble plastic over the tent ?

If you could present a good solution there might be a market for this kind of use in nordic countries.

Best greetings

Peter Wersäll
Stockholm, Sweden

Hi Peter

Seems like a good idea to me. There would be several heating advantages to putting one of our smaller greenhouses inside your greenhouse. The most obvious would be that you could heat the space inside the smaller space much easier than your larger house. Come summer you could fold up the dome and use your full house. The other would be the blocking of wind and cold by your outer house would again make it easier to to heat the inner smaller house. We also make liners for our domes that create a 2″ dead air space between the liner and outer cover. Dead air is an excellent insulator. Which makes for cost saving in heating.


Bob Gillis