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May 14, 200

May 14, 200


I was wondering if you could help in my investigations.

We are looking to develop an eco-friendly luxury tented camp in the New Zealand Alps and are looking for potential manufacturers of tents that could be used in the winter. The idea is that we will build wooden decks to put the tents on and then construct a strong tent on top of this platform.

The main criteria will be:-

1. Strength – be able to withstand heavy snowfall and to be used continuously for a number of years
2. Warmth – they will need to be good at retaining heat and fire proof to allow for a wood or oil burning stove to be installed.
3. Spacious – the general idea would be to include a four poster bed, storage, maybe even an armchair.
4. Attractive – the idea is for luxury in a tent whilst skiing, so they would need to sit comfortably in the nature snow bound mountainous setting, a window section to appreciate the views would also be ideal.

In the original stage we would be looking to have between 15 and 30 built, but hopefully this would develop over time – please could you advise if this is something that your company would be interested in helping design & build?


Craig Macara.

Hello Craig

1) Perhaps our best tent for you is our new 14′ Yurt Dome with a heavy duty pole set. This is by far our strongest tent. Still there is a limit as to how much snow it can hold. The dome is $620 The HD pole and connector set is $60 extra.

2) They are FR and easy to heat. They like all tents will cool off after you turn off your stove.

3) See for your self if a 14′ diameter 7′ high dome would be large enough for you:

People often ask how many people can sit, sleep or stand in a certain size Shelter Systems’ yurt or dome. Study the drawings below to make size and volume comparisons of our different domes.

You can also mark a full-size circle on the pavement. Have a friend hold to the ground a string equal in length to one half the diameter of the dome you are wondering about. Walk around your friend, keeping the string tight. Use chalk or small rocks to mark a circle “drawn” by the end of the string. After you get your circle marked ,put a sleeping bag, cot, chair, table, etc. inside the circle. You can also draw objects in the circle. Invite some friends over to size up your “dome.” Draw some other sizes on the ground and compare.
How to Visualize Interior Space Size

The best way to get an idea of the space inside the dome is to print out a picture of the dome. Then mark a circle on the ground or pavement with chalk or small stones that is the diameter of your Yurt Dome by having a friend hold a cord that is 1/2 the diameter of your Yurt Dome to the ground while you walk around him keeping the cord taught and marking the ground. Next have your friend stand in the circle while you back away from him holding the picture of your Yurt Dome at arms length till the Yurt Dome’s diameter in the picture matches the diameter of the the circle you have marked on the ground. Now you can move the picture, keeping it at arms length, over top of your friend and it’s base will match the circle. Your photo will be to scale with your friend. You can have him move about inside this “dome” and get a clear idea how much interior space is inside.

4) This is your call but we feel they are beautiful and being white in snow is the best. Our standard 14′ dome has 4 clear vinyl windows.

Bob Gillis