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Jeff Wood


I’m heading out to the playa and need to get some general pupose grip clips for some 70% aluminet shade cloth I have. Which would you recommend, and how far apart should I put them on the cloths.

I have two pieces for two separate shelters:

70% Aluminet Shade Curtain
14’wide x18′ long

70% Aluminet Shade Curtain
21’wide x36′ long


Jeff Wood


I would use the General Purpose and place them about 6′ apart along the edges of your shades. For better griping sandwich in a 6″ by 6″ square of fabric, shade or tarp with each Grip Clip to give extra thickness to the shade were the Grip Clips are clipped. You can also use the Grip Clips to secure your shades in their mid sections to prevent them from lifting up or flapping in the wind.


Bob Gillis