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“Sizes: What’s your largest structure?”

I have a pool which, with 3 ft. walkway, is about 30ft. X 50ft. I need a roof to keep leaves from the oak overhead from falling in the water. Can you help?

Sorry, we can’t help you at this time. The largest size dome we make is 30 feet in diameter. The widest CrystalCave we can make is 11′ wide. We can make it in any length in increments of 5.5′.

“Sizes: How many people can sleep in a dome?”

I need a clearer idea of how large your domes are. How many people can sleep in them? It’s hard to tell from the pictures.

The 18’er can sleep 10. Check out our page which compares the number of people it sleeps, square footage, relative volume, footprint, etc. of our different sizes of shelters and greenhouses. Another method of getting a clearer understanding of dome size is to mark a circle on the ground the diameter of the tent you’re considering and see how many people and/or furniture can fit in it.

“Sizes: GroDome 8 vs. GroDome 11”

I’m interested in a greenhouse. I like the GroDome 11 better than the GroDome 8, but I’m concerned it might not be high enough. I am confused by the measurements. I do not want anything too big but I want to be able to stand with enough head room.

We have a web page full of drawings which compare the different-sized domes. We think you’ll find it very helpful.

“Sizes: Mess tent for 15”

I run an adventure company specializing in mountain climbing and trekking. We are looking for a sturdy, lightweight Mess Tent/ Porter shelter, big enough to sit 12 to 15 people with a table in the middle.

Look at our 20′ SolarDome.

“Sizes: 91″x61″ spa cover”

I have a rectangular, 91″ x 61″ outdoor spa, that is built like a small pool (concrete tile lip around the perimeter). I need a cover. What options do you have for me for that size?

Any of our domes over 8′ would cover your spa.

“Sizes: 2-person tent”

I am looking for an easy tent set-up that I can put in my car and easily erect in friend’s backyard, forest, etc, to sleep in, no more than 2 persons. Is the 8′ model the best choice?

I would recommend the SolarDome 14. Easy to fit in your car but roomy and has 4 doors. The 14′ has 4 doors and windows which allows good cross-ventilation. The 8′ and 11′ have 1 door and no windows. They are more boxy than the 14′ and therefore less aesthetic, in my opinion. The 8′ works well as a greenhouse and for storage. For camping, it will hold one person comfortably. You can stand up in it.

“Sizes: 13 x 13 x 17 deck”

Hello, can you give me an idea for a cover for my deck that measures 13 feet 5-inches x 13 feet x 17 feet? (I have a hot tub on my deck and would like to protect it from the wind.)

You could fit our 14′ SolarDome–it can be deformed somewhat–on your deck.

“Sizes: LightHouse 14”

What is side wall height on 14′ Lighthouse?

About 4.5′.

Will I be able to fit 4 cots, a 40″x40″ table, a 2’x5′ table and a small wood stove inside a 14′ Lighthouse with room to still walk around?

Draw a circle on the ground and see if you can fit what you need in it. I would think the 18’er would work better.

“Sizes: SolarDome 20 vs. HexPent dome”

I am interested in the dome you display as a “Golf in the Rain” HexPent dome. Your web page says that it is not available at this time, but makes a reference to your SolarDome 20. I looked at that, but can’t tell if it’s about the same size.

I’d like a structure that people could walk in (to find some shade or to get out of a light rain) without having to stoop much. The “Golf” dome looks perfect for that! Are you planning on selling it in the future?

We’re not planning on marketing the HexPent dome in the near future. Take a look at our Arch Dome in a 20′ SolarDome size, which is the size of the HexPent dome. Transformed into the Arch Dome, it has a 7’5″ opening.

Arch Dome

Full size 14′, 18′, or 20′ domes can be transformed into Arch Domes by you at no cost. Instructions that come with your dome tell you how to turn your dome into a Arch Dome. It takes only about 15 minutes and can be undone when you want your full dome back. The Arch Dome is great on a hot day or in a hot climate since the large arched opening provides for unsurpassed ventilation. It is excellent for using your dome as a display show space at a fair or other social occasion. The large opening is inviting and friendly.

“Sizes: Party tent”

We have a 20’x20′ parking area where we have placed a 20’x20′ frame tent for parties. I am looking into purchasing a structure, and your 18′ RoofShell seems like a possibility. How tall is the 18′ RoofShell? Can someone 6′ tall walk under it without having to bend over? Specifics as to dimensions are appreciated!

Our 18′ RoofShell is 4′ high in the center and is meant to be used as a roof on poles set in the ground or on another structure. You could use our 20′ SolarDome which is 10′ tall in the center.

Do you have poles that will sit on a hard surface? If so, how high are they? Our current system is square, and stakes just off the 20×20 area support the tent.

No, we don’t. One type of support you can make is to hold the legs of the support with sand bags and guy out the RoofShell.

“Sizes: SolarDome 20 holds 25 people”

I need a tent with enough room to hold 25 people, all either sitting in a circle or up dancing in a circle …with good ventilation….for day use and rainproof.

The SolarDome 20 will hold 25 people, sitting or dancing. Set it up in the Open Arched Form with the other two doors open. The SolarDome 30 will hold 25 people dancing with abandon. Again, set it up in the Open Arch.

“Sizes: Taking the dome on an airplane”

I plan to take a SolarDome 20 to Australia for traveling about. How large is it, packed up? Would it be considered oversize baggage on an airline?

The SD 20 comes in two packages, one 64″x12″12″ and the other 36″x18″x18″. It would not be considered oversize. You can check it as baggage.

Find the package size, package weight and door size of different domes on our comparison page.

“Sizes: GroDomes”

I am considering purchasing one of your GroDomes. Could tell me the size of the one that appears in the photo on the GroDome information page on your website? It’s the photo with the woman standing in front of the dome wearing kneepads. This will help me determine what size I need. Thanks! 

That is our 20′ GroDome.

“Sizes: Earth 2 domes”

I am a big Earth 2 fan. What type of tents were used in the production of that show?

They used our 18′ and 20′ SolarDomes.

“Sizes: 30′ Yurt Dome I-seminar facility”

I am interested in purchasing a geodesic dome for use as an “outdoor” seminar facility. I need a structure with an area of 200 sq. meters. The structure will serve basically as a shade tent: the material covering the unit needs to be highly reflective. 

Would our 9m (30′) dome with White and Black covering work for you?

“Sizes: 30′ Yurt Dome II-revival tent”

The Christians in Jamaica are in need of a revival tent that can hold 500-800 people.

Our 30′ Yurt Dome would hold 100-150 people, seated. If you transformed it into an Arch Dome, it would be open on one side and you could extend the seating back further.