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“Purchasing: availability and shipping”

I would like to know if all the models are available and how long the delivery time will be.

We keep the basic SolarDomes, LightHouses, and GroDomes in stock. Orders are filled in the order in which they are received. Orders are usually shipped via UPS within one week of receipt. Delivery time is about 2 days within California, 4 days to Colorado, and 6 days to the East Coast.

“Purchasing: commissions”

I am in the position to recommend your company to a group of people starting a new community.

Since my funds are limited to purchase your tents…do you give a commission (toward tent purchase) for those people I recommend that purchase from you?
We do not offer commissions, sorry, but do appreciate your support.

“Purchasing: discount”

If I buy four or five of your shelters, is there a possibility for a discount?

We don’t offer such a discount.

“Purchasing: educational discounts”

Do you offer any educational discounts?

We do not offer educational discounts

“Purchasing: Rentals”

Do you ever do rentals of your products?

We don’t rent any of our products.

“Purchasing: show room”

Do you have any structures on site? I’m in the Sacramento area and can easily get to the San Francisco Bay Area. Would it be possible to set up a scheduled visit to personally view your product? It’s harder than you might think to envision stuff on the Web.

We don’t have a show room which is a cost savings to all. We do offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. Or if you’d like, we could meet at my office in Menlo Park and talk in person.

“Purchasing: visiting our other customers”

Do you have any customers in the Seattle WA area so that I can look at your product?

I cannot give out customers’ names, sorry.

“Purchasing: Sales in foreign countries”

Do you have a supplier in Australia?

No, sorry. All sales are direct from us in California. We can ship to you for about $200.

“Purchasing: Grip Clip dealers in Australia”

Where can I buy grip clips in Australia?
We do not have any dealers there yet. We can send them to direct you.

“Purchasing: replacement parts”

Can replacement parts, such as the covering and Grip Clips, be ordered?

Yes, you can order replacement parts: poles, hubs, connectors, 12″ stakes, extra fabric, Grip Clips. You can also order accessories: sticky-backed velcro to attach almost anything to your dome, liners for both shelters and greenhouses, net doors, porches.

“Purchasing: Replacing the covering”

Can replacement film be purchased for the gro-domes should the original be damaged while the frame is still viable?

Yes; replacement covers are 80% of the cost for a new dome.

“Purchasing: customized, special orders”

I would like get a BubbleDome 20′, half white, half clear with an entrance on each side. Any problem?

Yes, we can make 1/2 white and 1/2 translucent (this is not clear but like wax paper in the light it lets through). It does have 4 clear windows above the doors.

This would be a customized, special order and therefore not returnable, since it would be difficult to resell.