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“Uses: Beach cabana”

Does your company manufacture small beach cabanas to block out sun or sand on windy days. It’s almost like a half of a tent. Totally closed on one side and wide open on the other.

Look at our half domes. We can make these out of our white and black sunshade covering which blocks 100% of UV protective. An even smaller cabana would be our 10′ Bubble Dome set up as an Arch Dome.

“Uses: Car shelter”

I am looking for a canopy or shelter for parking my car. Do you make anything that would serve as a small shelter for a car?

Look at our ArchDomes and our CrystalCaves.

“Uses: Construction”

I’m interested in using your coverings and grip clips on a construction site. My thoughts are to use your clips with some poles and guy lines to hold it in position. Ideally it should by about 50 X 100′. Is this practical?

Our woven fabric, which is 6′ wide, can be sewn into tarps, but we recommend you buy one readymade. Or you can join tarps together (or our fabric) with our Grip Clip tarp fasteners to create a larger size. The wind loading on a 50×100′ tarp would be high.

With poles, guylines and Grip Clip tarp fasteners you can create good protection for a building under construction. Grip Clips are versatile: you can create the size and shape of covering you need for a particular job, then disassemble the covering, and use it on the next job.

“Uses: dog exercise run”

We run a boarding kennel for dogs and are looking for some way to cover the areas where we exercise the dogs so that we can continue to use them in inclement weather. We get a substantial amount of snow in the winter.

You would have to remove the snow either manually or by melting it off as it accumulates. The latter method is the easiest but this means you would have to heat it. An alternative (and the most sensible) method of covering the run would be to attach poles or 2×4’s to the fence on one side extending above the fence top to create high anchor points and then attach a tarp or tarps with Grip Clip tarp fasteners over the entire run. You can also use Grip Clips to join smaller tarps together.

“Uses: Dog house”

I want to make a dog house dome. Maximum size: 5 1/2′ in diameter.

Look at our GroRow 10. Transformed into the taller, wider size (4′ tall, 5’6″ wide, 5’6″ long), it would work fine as a dog house. Use your own stakes to anchor it or buy some stakes from us.

“Uses: Emergency shelter”

Can these be used in cold weather, or does the fabric get brittle? We are interested in having an emergency shelter available at a reasonable cost. Your price is reasonable, but how about durability in midwest climate?

The fabric that most of the dome is constructed of does not get brittle in the cold. However, the clear vinyl windows can become brittle in extreme cold. If you plan to use the dome in extreme cold, we recommend that you order it with translucent windows made of our woven ripstop greenhouse film, rather than with clear vinyl windows. The translucent greenhouse film lets through more light than glass, but images cannot be seen clearly through it. It’s like looking through wax paper. Looking through the vinyl windows is like looking through glass.

“Uses: Fishpond cover

I have a 16′ diameter fishpond. I have one very curious Maine Coon Cat who is uninterested in this fishpond in the temperate months, but once the vegetation around it dies back for the winter, he desires to be in it! Our Maine Coon weighs 28 lbs, so whatever covering is incorporated needs to be ripstop, at least! I think if it has a decent height, he will move onto other things. We also have large dogs, so whatever structure we anchor over the fishpond must be tall enough to discourage them from walking onto it too.

I need something that will encompass 20′ in diameter with at least a height of 4-5 feet. If you have something available asap, I would appreciate knowing…my cat would like to go back outside!

Take a look at our 18-foot SpaTop, $425 + Shipping $35. You can find this information on our web page, “Spa and Jacuzzi Covers.”

“Uses: Ice fishing”

I’m thinking of using a dome for ice-fishing.

Most people order the 10′ Bubble Dome for ice-fishing, but the 8′ and 11′ Solar or GroDomes would work also.

“Uses: Lawn mover cover”

I have a 16.5 hp riding lawn mower with bagger that I would like to protect from the weather. Anything?

Perhaps our CrystalCave 9 would work. It’s 9′ x 9′ x 7′ high. Or the GroRow 7, which is 3′ wide x 7′ long x 20″ high. Or make a snug-fitting cover from a tarp, secured with Grip Clip tarp fasteners.

“Uses: Orchid shelf covering for cold weather”

I have a collection of orchids in my screen room in northern Florida. I would like a suitable covering to put over my shelving during the colder days. I have covered the plants with fabric material to keep the wind from damaging them, but feel a solar covering would be better.

Our translucent greenhouse fabric is a superstrong, woven, translucent, greenhouse ripstop film. It lets 90% of the light through–more than glass does. It diffuses the light so the light won’t burn the plants and was designed for greenhouse and solar use. It is treated with ultraviolet inhibitors, which protect it against sun exposure. The covering will not rot or mildew.

“Uses: Party tent”

We have a 20’x20′ parking area where we have placed a 20’x20′ frame tent for parties. I am looking into purchasing a structure, and your 18′ RoofShell seems like a possibility. How tall is the 18′ RoofShell? Can someone 6′ tall walk under it without having to bend over? Specifics as to dimensions are appreciated!

Our 18′ RoofShell is 4′ high in the center and is meant to be used as a roof on poles set in the ground or on another structure. You could use our 20′ SolarDome which is 10′ tall in the center.

Do you have poles that will sit on a hard surface? If so, how high are they? Our current system is square, and stakes just off the 20×20 area support the tent.

No, we don’t. One type of support you can make is to hold the legs of the support with sand bags and guy out the RoofShell.

“Uses: Pool cover”

I’m looking for a covering for my circular pool~25′–your 30 footer is nice but much taller than I need.

Our Spa Top 25′ is 6′ high.

“Uses: Privacy screen”

I live in the city and have a rooftop garden. My problem is I live near an “L” train and I’d like more privacy from the passing passengers. I’m looking for a material that does not block light but blocks vision and at the same time offers some protection from wind. My idea is to stretch the material in approximately 6′ x 8′ panels to form a fence.

I think our translucent greenhouse covering would work for you. It’s like looking through wax paper. It lets through 90% of the available light but you can’t see images.

Shelter Systems greenhouse covering is made by taking a special plastic copolymer and stretching it until it becomes stiff. At this point, the material is at its maximum tensile (pull) strength. It is then sliced into thin strips and woven into a fabric. This gives it amazing tear resistance. The fabric is then laminated on both sides with some sheets of the same stretch-strengthened material and is thereby stabilized and super strengthened. You cannot tear it. Shelter Systems coverings incorporate UV sun screen inhibitors to help block damage from the sun and give the covering a longer useful life.

It comes 6′ wide, in any length, and costs $5 per yard. We can sew or heat-seal wider widths for an additional $1 per yard of sewing or $3 per yard of seaming. For an order under 20′, add $10 for shipping and handling. For over 20′, shipping costs increase.

You could attach the covering to some poles using Grip Clips tarp fasteners.

“Uses: Revival meeting tent”

The Christians in Jamaica are in need of a revival tent that can hold 500-800 people.

Our 30′ Yurt Dome would hold 100-150 people, seated. If you transformed it into an Arch Dome, it would be open on one side and you extend the seating back further.

“Uses: Sails”

I’m interested in the woven ripstop fabric used for greenhouse coverings and tarps. The intended purpose is to make sails for sailboats. I refurbish old boats for scout troops but sail fabrics have historically been cost prohibitive and do not hold up well under the vigorous use (abuse) of these energetic sailors. In what quantities would I have to purchase the clear woven poly fabric, and in what standard widths does it come? Are sample swatches available?

We don’t have experience using our fabric for sails. However, we believe the fabric has the right properties to make a good sail: It’s stable on the bias (it doesn’t stretch) and has a stiffness (a “stiff hand”) which is ideal for sails (it won’t get baggy). It can be sewn. You could attach it to the mast by sewing a sleeve or with Grip Clips tarp fasteners. You could attach it to the boom with a Grip Clip. It is 6′ wide, available in any length, costing 85 a yard + shipping. We can send you a sample.

“Uses: Seminar facility”

I am interested in purchasing a geodesic dome for use as an “outdoor” seminar facility. I need a structure with an area of 200 sq. meters. The structure will serve basically as a shade tent: the material covering the unit needs to be highly reflective. 

Would our 9m (30′) dome with Silver and Black covering work for you?

“Uses: Spa cover I”

I have a rectangular, 91″ x 61″ outdoor spa, that is built like a small pool (concrete tile lip around the perimeter). I need a cover. What options do you have for me for that size?

Any of our domes over 8′ would cover your spa.

“Uses: Spa and deck cover II”

Hello, can you give me an idea for a cover for my deck that measures 13 feet 5-inches x 13 feet x 17 feet? (I have a hot tub on my deck and would like it to be protected from the wind.)

You could fit our 14′ SolarDome (it can be deformed somewhat) on your deck.

“Uses: Sweat lodge”

I am interested in using one of your domes to construct a “sweat lodge” that is portable and can be moved…it would need to be big enough to fit 12-15 people sitting in a circle. Would you use a different heat resistant covering?

I would think the 14′ SolarDome would be the best size. You would want to make a blanket liner and hook in inside to hold in the heat and protect the dome from the heat. You could use Grip Clips to fasten enough blankets together to make the liner or you could sew them. You would need about 33 Grip Clips to attach the blanket liner to the inside of the dome.

“Use: Swimming pool house”

Could one of your domes be used to cover an in ground pool? What temperature would be achieved without heat on a sunny day with a temperature of about 40 degrees F?

Yes it could. My guess would be about 80 degrees. The GroDomes are great collectors of solar heat. The translucent covering lets in 90% of the available light, more than glass. How warm it gets in the GroDome depends on the amount of sunlight, the clarity of the air, and the amount of wind. In addition to collecting solar heat, the dome shields the pool’s surface from cooling winds and also reduces evaporation from the pool, which would otherwise cool the water. An additional benefit is you don’t have to clean your pool as much because the dome keeps leaves and dirt from getting in. People with rectangular or square pools get GroDomes and those with lap pools buy Crystal Caves. We can custom-make you a longer CrystalCave.

Would the dome be able to support snow?

No, you would have to keep the snow melted off. However, if you are heating the water, most likely the air temperature above the water will cause the snow melt to slide off. If that isn’t adequate to melt the snow, you could also heat the inside, but only when it is snowing to keep your fuel bills as low as possible..

“Uses: Telescope shelter”

I live in the rain forest of British Columbia and am looking for a shelter which will protect the telescope and me from the elements. We have torrential downpours, even in the summer, and quite high winds so have you a shelter that will anchor securely and yet be able to turn on a track, as the only place that I can set up the dome is on my deck. The ideal diameter at the base would be 9ft and a height of 8ft in the middle. Hoping that you can come up with some solution to my problem–my telescope is an 8″ Schmidt- Casgrain,fully computerized.

Look at our 10′ StarBubble Dome. If you were to build a secure turnable track, you could then attach the dome to it.

“Uses: Long-term temporary shelter”

Which shelter would you best recommend for long-term temporary shelter for a family of six?

For a family of six, a minimum of three 18′ or 20′ SolarDomes would be a comfortable space: one for a common room and two for bedrooms. The 18′ is 254 square feet and the 20′ is 314 square feet.

“Uses: Toy display”

I’m looking for a small dome that I can set up inside shopping malls and at State Fairs to demonstrate the unique flying ability of a new toy pet that I am marketing. I want it to be clear (see-through) to attract the attention of people outside it, but high enough to allow kids and adults to interact with the pets, without risking UFO pet escapes. 

Look at our BubbleDome 10 and 14.

“Uses: Big ‘turtle'”

I am looking to simulate a big ‘turtle” in a temporary dome structure. Ideally put up in 6-8 hrs, or less. Could graphics be applied? Could it have several doors for egress? 35-40 ft unit.

Look at our 30’er. Sets up in one hr. with 2 persons. You can paint the dome. It has 8 doors.

“Uses: Wind barrier”

I am looking for a wind barrier for a back yard for sun bathing. I want something with no roof, with sides only. Do you have anything with one side or more that I can block the wind with, and take down after use?

Our Wind Walls are tent structures that block and stop the wind. The “Arch” Wind Wall Tents are sections of our GroRows and Crystal Caves. You can put them up in about 15 minutes. Stakes are provided for securing them to the ground.

Or you could make a wind barrier by attaching some material (tarp, etc. or one of our fabrics) to some poles using Grip Clips tarp fasteners.