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Shelter Sytems:

Dear Shelter Sytems:

I was interested in making window awnings. I saw your picture, but have no idea how you can use 4 grip clips to make these awnings. I actually would want to make 4 to 8 window awnings.

Do you have an instruction guide for the awnings? Would finished awnings made this way be sturdy?

Thanks for your help,

Jeff Kirby

It is fairly easy.

You need 4 GP Grip Clips per awning, 10 “eye”screws, two 1” wooden “prop” dowels, one “spreader” dowel slightly longer than the width of your awning and your awning cloth of choice. For awing cloth, you can use our covering if you want:

Cut your awing cloth to fit your window and so when pulled out will make good shade (see photo). Attach the 4 grip clips to the corners of your awning cloth. Screw 2 of your eye screws into the frame above your window and 2 to the sides of your window. Screw the other 6 eye screws into the ends of your wooden dowels.Shadewin

Now tie the Grip Clips on one edge of your cloth to the eye screws above your window. Move your Grip Clips so that they tension your cloth tight. then tie the other Grip Clips to the prop and spreader dowels. Tie the lower ends of the two prop poles to the eye screws at the sides of your window.

If you are in a area with wind you should run a cord or dowel from each of lower edge Grip Clips that are attached to your awning to the bottom of your window frame with two additional eye screws. This will keep the awning from lifting in strong wind. Wind can cause your awning eye screws to vibrate on your window frames and cause damage. If this is a concern to you then attach your dowels to your house with brackets that allow attachment without the risk of vibration.

If you do not have wooden frames or siding use other fixtures that will allow you to attach your awning to your windows.