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I have one of your 20 footer domes that got some wind damage tears at some of the panel connector points and also was vandalized while folded up with a knife creating several inches to feet cuts generally in mid-panel areas. In all there are maybe 12 panels that need repair or replacement. I was wondering if you did dome fixing and how to figure out about how much it would cost. Or, if not and I must give it a go, is there a kind of perfect repair tape in black and in white (maybe an iron on?) that could be used for some of the shorter cuts. And, would you recommend replacing the woven ripstop panels where they’ve torn loose at the connector clips or can those areas sometimes be repaired to as-good/strong-as-new. like what’s in the “repair kit”?

thanks a much,

Davis, CA

You can use the skirt of the dome or the wrapper it came in to create patches; glue them with silicone rubber 100%. Were the clips have been torn out you will need to sew a patch as the glue will not hold. The repair kit has scraps of material and silicone rubber. Tape does not last in the sun.