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Hi Robert.
My husband and I received your information from Tim Quicke at Ricochet Productions in London, England.  We are moving with our three children (currently 5, 3, and 15 months) to the Western part of the Upper Peninusla.  We are going to be building a cordwood home off-grid.  Ricochet is producing a documentry of our family as part of a Discovery Channel series.
We are currently looking into temporary shelter.  We will have about three feet of snow on the ground when we arrive in mid March.  We need something that we can use in the woods, that we can set up with just four adults and that will house our family of five for three or so months.  We are going to set up in the woods, so we aren’t too concerned about snow load.  Could you please let me know if you have a Yurt/Dome that would fit our needs and some pricing information.  Thanks!  Tiffany Appell

Dear Tiffany

What are the ages of your family? I think one of our domes may work for you. How it the wind were you will be set up? Will you be able to get to other shelter if your dome is compromised in a huge storm? I might recommend 2 or 3 of our Yurt Domes. These could be a 20′ for living room/ bedroom. An 18′ for kitchen and a 18 for a bedroom. You would have to deal with snow as it builds up.


Bob Gillis