On Jan 8, 2006, at 3:44 PM, L & C Reedy wrote:

On Jan 8, 2006, at 3:44 PM, L & C Reedy wrote:

Hi, I sent you an email a little while ago. I just read your testimonials. I have some
additional questions.
Q If people are living in the domes, and the sun is shining, ow do they keep from cooking to death? I have not
seen any noticeable vents that open up.

See: https://shelter-systems.com/shingling.html

Q You had one photo of a party that had made a base ring with irrigation PVC. If not using that, how is the dome secured to the ground?
and how does one keep it from blowing away?

Staking or if on concrete then set eye bolts. See: https://shelter-systems.com/lighthouse-manual.html

Q For greenhouse purposes, what is the light transmission percent?

Shelter Systems’ Translucent: Lets 90% of sunlight through (more than glass). UV transmission is over 75%. Designed for greenhouse and solar use.