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Robert Gillis Hi

Dear Robert Gillis Hi

Thanks for your reply. We donot have lots of wind in kashmir but snowfall. Do both have the same effect overall on the duration of life of your tent. Secondly the village people there donot stop buring small fires inside their homes and they would do it inside our tents too. How much is the fear of the tent catching fire easily. Lastly in comparison with prefab houses how would you rate the tents. This question is for my own knowledge only. Thanking you I look forward to your reply.

with best regards


Dear Maqbool,

Thank you for your inquiry.

The tents hold a small amount of snow which must be melted or shaken off periodically and it will not adversely effect the life of the tent.

The tents are made fire retardant material. The covering can melt if it comes in contact with a flame but will not sustain fire if the heat sources is removed.

The tents are light weight, affordable and portable. Prefab homes can be more durable but they are large, more expensive and difficult to move and install.