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questions about the floor.

Date: September 3, 2008

Hi Eleanor:

I am sure you get this question a lot.

We are considering an 18′ dome to bring out to Burning Man.
We have been camping in our van for the last several years and it just gets way too
dirty and does not seem spacious enough. You can never have enough space.

I had a few questions about the floor.

This is a separate purchase isn’t it?

…Yes but you can use a blue tarp to save money.

How is it attached, via a rope intertwined between the two flaps, floor and siding?

…The floor comes with 12 GP Grip Clips which after you spread out your floor inside the dome you attach to the floor and then use the cords on the clips to tie it to the clips on the inside of your dome.

I would assume that you would rebar stake down each strut along the bottom
and I guess tie it down too.

…Thats right; most just use the stakes we provide; pounding them below the surface.

I know there is something on your site about it.

…See the online manual:

We experienced 60 mile an hour winds this year. Do you think the dome will hold up under that

….We have had good reports so far for this year. The 18′ is very strong and drum tight. You would not want that kide of wind to go on for days and days. Parts would wear out.

They look really wonderful and beautiful too. Just not sure if this would be something we would have to
worry about or not. Transporting it, I guess it would fit in the back of a Toyota Forerunner?

…Should not be a problem

Thanks for your time…