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On Sep 5, 2008,

On Sep 5, 2008,

Hi Bob, LOVE the site and will be purchasing either a 18′ or 20′ dome for camping on the beach in NC with my wife and 3 kids. I really want the 20′ because of the extra room but have read that the 18′ is better in wind and is sturdier. I also read that you can tie on extra bottom leg poles to make any of your domes sturdier in wind. I have 2 questions:

1. Instead of adding an extra 12 poles to the 20′ to make it better in the wind, could I buy 12 larger size PVC pipes and slip the provided dome legs into the lager PVC pipe? I could cut the larger pipe so that the ends of the smaller pipe would stick out and would fit the tent connectors. Would this work to make the tent sturdier in the wind?

2. Do you think if I did this, or added the extra legs as you have suggested in the users manual, that the 20′ would be ok on the beach in mild wind?

Thanks a bunch,


Hi Cris

I do think #1 would work and I do think a 20′ would hold up to mild beach wind (most likely even without the extra poles).

Do be sure to have very good anchors on the beach; you could bury fire wood as anchors. One person should have a hard time to pull one up.


Bob Gillis

I was going to carry empty sand bags, (because they are light and easy to carry). Fill them with sand at the beach, and then bury them and tie off to those. Then after, dig them up, dump the sand and away we go. Will that work? THANKS, Chris

That sounds good, just make sure you hold your dome down well.