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shelter our tropical plants

On Sep 12, 2008

Hi Bob

We are thinking of how to shelter our tropical plants this winter – long island new york…

Lately winters have been mild – little snow / day time 30 – 45 degree, some nights last year got down to 10 degrees farenheit.

My tallest plant right now is about 7 – 8 feet

Can you tell me the R insulating factors for your models – what is best for me in New York – how much heat I might need?

Madelin Bauer


Winter greenhouse gardening requires quite a bit of effort. Our greenhouses are best suited to fall and spring use, unheated, where you can dramatically increase your growing time. You can start gardening earlier in the spring and garden later in the fall. You can heat our greenhouses to winter over plants but many tropical plants require lighting as well as heat to thrive. I would talk to the people who provided you with your plants to get a handle on what the needs of your plants are. I do not have an R value for you for our greenhouses as we have never tried to determine this. I can tell you they are very easy to heat, due to the fact that they are domed shaped, having a minimal surface area for the heat to escape. It is the translucent nature of all greenhouses that makes them not the best insulators. You want the light to come in but this means the heat, as inferred radiation, can escape.


Bob Gillis