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A question about your 31′ domes

Date: May 29, 2009
Subject: A question about your 31′ domes

Dear Eleanor,

Can you please tell me if the 31′ dome would work if the entrance doorway was made higher by leaving out one horizontal pole? (like you show in your picture of the greenhouse dome?)

We are exploring the use of one of your domes for a temporary meditation temple/classroom space and would like an expansive feeling entrance.

Thank you kindly for your response.


Hi Elizabeth

You can remove the short pole above one of your doors. However this will weaken the dome some what. To create a higher door you will need to remove the fabric under this pole. If you wish to preserve the option of reattaching the dome’s cover then you will want to unclip one of the clips that tensioned the pole that you removed. To do this you need to remove the other three poles attached to this clip first. Then with care, slide out the corner or the door flap and corner of the upper panel without mixing up the layering or orientation of the remaining corners. Now reapply the clip that you removed. Reinsert your domes pole less the short one above the door. With another Grip Clip join together the upper triangle corner and the lower door flap corner. Make sure the flap is under the triangle. To close your “new door,” attach the upper triangle under the dome’s side and lower door flap out side the lower side wall at the ground. Velcro may be of use for this but take care that the “hook” side of the velcro is on the flap and so it does not catch on hair.


Bob Gillis