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On Jun 1, 2009

On Jun 1, 2009


I would like to know if the big geodesic yurts (20′ to 30′) are safe to use in the winter time? Every February we have an outdoor event in Ottawa called Winterlude and we might be interested to use this type of equipment for special animation.

How do they react to wind?
What about the weight of the falling snow?
Are they fire retardant?
Is it possible to have two doors?

The more information you can give me the better.

Thank you!

Benoît Subject: Re: Geodesic yurts

Hi Benoit

Wind: They do will in wind but are still a tent and are not recommended for the strongest of winds. They must be staked will to the ground. See staking in manual:

Snow: They will only hold a small amount of snow. You would need to knock or melt snow off as it accumulates. Read our wind and snow warnings: Also read about set up in cold weather:

All our shelter domes are fire retarded.

The 20′ has four doors, the 30′ has eight. The 18′ and 30′ are stronger than the 20′. The reason for this is that the 18′ and 20′ use the same diameter poles but the poles of the 20′ are longer, making it a bit less stiff. The 30′ uses a larger diameter pole then the 18 and 20.

Also see: and


Bob Gillis