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Can the Grip Clip handle two pieces of overlapping/shingled 10.5 mil poly?


I am going to be building a small geodesic greenhouse using either 3/4″ or 1″ EMT conduit. I’ve attached two 3-d renderings of the design(it’s not the usual geometry).

I would like to suspend one cover from the inside of the frame using the Grip Clips and have a second cover over the outside(I’m not sure how I will do this…maybe you have some ideas). This will create an insulating air space between the two covers. This dome is intended be a tropical setting for growing mostly South American plants.

Anyway, uhmmm, my question is: Can the Grip Clip handle two pieces of overlapping/shingled 10.5 mil poly?

Also, it would be awesome if you know of a good way to attach the outside cover to the frame using the Grip Clips. I would like to avoid screws, nails, glue, welded seams, permanent fasteners, attaching wood to tubing to attach poly to wood, etc… I’d like for both of the covers to be easily adjustable.

I look forward to your answer and to any suggestions you might have.

Sincerely, Jimmy

Date: May 29, 2009
Subject: hi again

I was looking around your site some more and realized you sell greenhouse covers as well as other types. It could be that I purchase the covers from you instead of the link provided in the previous email, if the prices are comparable.

Really, as far as cover materials, cover accessories and ways of attaching the covers, everything is “up in the air” and completely re-workable. Whatever fits my needs best.

The only thing that is 99.9% certain is that the frame will be a 12ft. diameter 1V 5/8 rhombicuboctahedron made from EMT conduit sitting on a base of dirt packed cinder blocks.

I apologize if any of what I’ve said is redundant or unclear. I’m having a great deal of trouble forming and keeping up with what I’m saying due tension and pain. I’m just stressing out because I can’t figure this out on my own. I would be grateful for whatever help you can provide.

Sincerely, Jimmy

Clip questions

Hi Jimmy

I am not sure how our Grip Clips would work with the 10.5 material. A lot depends on stiffness and not just the mill. Our GP and Pro will grip 3 layers of our Green House covering which is about 4 mill : Our HD GC will grip more layers. If you send a sample I could test it for you or you could buy a sampler of our clips:

You could return the clips, if they are in new condition, for a refund or trade.

I would think the 10.5 material is quite stiff and hard to work with. Our covering is 6′ wide and is $10 a running yard. You should be able to shape (over lap) and hang with the GP and or HD one or more layers in your frame. You can shape and support on your frame with the pro. You can shape and pull down on a covering draped over your frame.


Bob Gillis