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how much of load the heavy-duty grip clip is rated for vs. the general-purpose grip clip

“Grip Clips;

how much of load the heavy-duty grip clip is rated for vs. the general-purpose grip clip (I plan to use it with at most two layers of woven ripstop film). If I use a general-purpose clip and it fails (weather too severe), how would it fail?

The difference is in how much material they grip. The HD grips about twice as much as the GP. So when your tarp is loaded, the HD will be less likely to rip out the tarp. It is the tarp the usually fails not the clip. I would recommend the HD where you can only grip at a few places on a large tarp.


18′ bubbledome is better suited for my needs than 20′ GroDome. Couple of questions
concerning the bubbledome:

which floor is applicable?
is there a net door and a liner available?
since it has only one door, can a side be rolled up? and if so, is there a
net wall available?

The BubbleDomes are special order items and are non refundable; since we get few orders except for the 10’er. It would take about one to two weeks to ship.

You would need to use a 18′ floor. The floor on the 18′ BubbleDome comes in at the base to about 16′.


I need a collapsible tube approximately 6-8 feet in diameter made of
some type of tent material. The tube should be 12 feet long. Can you

I thought you were looking for a tent pole, but I see you are looking for a tent tube. We can make our GroRow into a tube. Call and lets talk.


My primary
concern is the durability of your product. I work in a high performance nylon fabrication
facility and I have not had the best luck with ripstop nylon. Why did you choose this
material instead of a higher performance product such as Kevlar or a course deiner nylon.

The covering we use is not nylon but a woven ripstop film which is very strong. It is a high grade version of the “blue tarps” you see.

I am very interested in the construction of your poles as well. Is the PVC tubing really
strong enough to last for three years?



I am looking for a dome to put over my hot tub. The tub is 5 ft. in diameter and about 3ft. high. Would the 8 ft. gro-dome be a good choice? J.


Yes I think it would work.The best and most affordable dome system I’ve ever seen. I’m sure I’ll be purchasing one in the not so distant future. Warmest regards from beautiful downtown Gloucester, Massachusetts.


I am thinking of putting a greenhouse on a balcony on the second floor of my
home. The balcony is 11’6″ x 3′ 6″. The roof begins 7′ 4″ from the bottom of
the decking.

What would the weight of the greenhouse be? What would the cost of a
greenhouse this size be? How difficult would it be to assemble 3 stories up?

The best we could fit with you is our SolarShed.

I think the SolarShed might work out perfect. Just a couple of questions:

1) Could I attach 2 sheds together? Since they are 5.5′ long, two would
perfectly fit on the balcony.

Yes you can.

2) How is the shed attached to the wall – I want to make sure that no bugs
can get in the shed.

You can use eye bolts, wood slats and or other means. Bugs are hard to keep out of any enclosure.

3) The picture on the web site shows a door inside the shed. This is exactly
what I want to do (the door would be the door to the balcony). But how is
this possible if the shed is only 6′ tall?

The door you see is only 5′ high.

So I think I have my structure choice – 1/2 of a Crystal Cave 9. Now can I
do that? Next could I lengthen it to 11′ long? If that seems like a possible
choice, then all I have to figure out is the covering.

The best we can do is to make you 3/2 of a Crystal Cave because of the connectors. It can also only be extended by 1/2 its length to 13.5′.

“Grip Clips;

I am interested in building approximately a 32, or 40, geodesic dome to
be used for a shop. I will need to have a 10, wide x 10, tall garage
door and 1 personnel door. I have a large supply of lumber. My question
is does your company sell just the hardware for domes?

We do sell Grip Clips and our Covering material which might be of use to you.

If you built a fraim you could then use Grip Clips to hang a cover under it.


What a great website! I have been fascinated with round structures for many years. So far I only have a dome tent, but I will try to order a 20 ft Solar Dome from you this year. Then I can figure ways to get more permanent and costly round living structures in my life if I need them. Did you know that the word ‘mortgage’ comes from French meaning deathwish? Ciao for now.


As to whether a dome would be suitable as a doctor’s office: it would certainly work. We would recommend a liner for winter. The snow would have to be removed–knocked off with a broom or melted with an electric, propane, or wood heater. Our domes have been used therapeutic massage studios.


Tonya Payne from Brisbane, Queensland in Australia and I am
currently trying to track down a tent that would be suitable for the bulk
storage of fertilizer or sulphur. 
Do you have any models that would be
suitable for this purpose and if so do you have a distributor in Australia?

We believe our shelters would work fine for fertilizer or sulphur storage. We don’t believe there would be any chemical reactions between fertilizer chemicals and the dome materials, which are quite inert. The 18, 20′ or 30′ SolarDome would be suitable.


What is the purpose of a liner in the greenhouses? In an area with some snow, are the liners necessary?

A liner will keep the greenhouse warmer in the winter. Whether a liner is necessary, depends on the particular weather in a particular winter.


Hi I’m a roofing company looking for a dome to place on a roof top so our crew could work throught this winter.

Our largest dome, the 30 foot, is about 11 feet high at the top. You could also use a smaller dome which you moved around. You would have to make sure you sequred the dome so that it did not move in the wind

Another possibility is using tarps, together with the our Grip Clip tarp fasteners, to cover the roof when you are not working on it.