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Do you have any suggestions on building a small dome as a science project?
Do you have any such small model kits? Kindly let me know.

We have a web page dealing with making paper models of geodesic domes which may be useful to you: http://www.shelter-systems/modle.html. We don’t have any specific suggestions for building a small dome as a science project. We do have a page which shows the size-volume comparisons of different-sized domes (http://www.shelter-systems/sizes.html) and one on tensegrity and geodesic design in tent structures (http://www.shelter-systems/tensegrity.html).


I’m looking to put together a gathering of 30 – 40 people. What type and
size dome would you recommend that would comfortably hold that amount of
people? And does the floor rip easy — like if people were dancing and walking around on it?

I would recommend the 30′ Yurt Dome. The floor does not rip easy and would handle dancing and walking fine


I’ll be needing shelter during the summer in the Central Cascades in
Washington. The only catch is that I’ll have to hike it in, about 4
miles or so. What’s the largest tent that a person can reasonably carry? (I have some strong people in my party, but I don’t want to cripple them either.

The 18’er comes in two 30 lb. packages.


Has anyone ever investigated the dynamics
of building a central fire tipi style in a dome shape with central vent hole?

We have tried that. It did not work well. You need a tall, chimney-like structure to create an up-draft to vent the smoke adequately.

“Miscellaneous” “Kayak”

Reading about your woven rip-stop material I was interested in finding out more about it. I am planning a project for a “Skin-on-frame” Kayak, and I have been trying to determine what material to use as the skin.

I would be interested in finding out more about this material, whether you retail it by the yard or could direct me to a manufacturer or retailer, so that I could obtain spec.s or a sample or both.

I don’t think this material would work too well for a kayak because, although the material is extremely rip-stop, it can be punctured or abraded. Therefore, you couldn’t drag the kayak across rocks.

I made a kayak, using a regular blue tarp, green willow shoots and our Grip Clip tarp fasteners, in four hours. You might want to check out our website with many photos of the kayak construction at


We would like to put a year around Yurk (18′ or 20′) on our property near Bowman Lake (CA) at 6000′ elevation. Will it handle the snow load? What do you recommend?

The 18′ dome is stronger than the 20′. Their poles are the same diameter, but the 18′ dome’s poles are shorter and therefore the smaller dome is stronger.