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1a. Is it best to get the netting installed all the way around?

It weakens the dome to put netting all the way around. Best is to get four doors with netting.

1. Can I purchase extra material from you and run a wall part way across the center of the dome? I would like to make it two rooms by hanging a partial wall, to still allow ventilation and passage between
the rooms.

Yes you can.

2. Is the floor installed here or at your factory? I want to put the
floor tarp under a plywood floor, for moisture control.

You install the floor.


I read in your question section that over
and over you say not to rely on the structure as a main source of

and if you built a roof structure over it to combat the snow issue, do you think that it would work?

That should keep the snow off.[[is this feasible?]]


Would like to cover a 24′ round above-ground pool with a translucent roof top mounted on 4″x4″ or 4″x6″ posts.
Can you make a 25′ or 26′ translucent roof top ?
Will it be able to handle northern Ohio snow ?
What would the cost be ?

Thank you for your time and help.

Thanks for your interest in our Rooftops. We do make a 25’er: RoofTop 25′ (Top of 30’er) $1200 Shipping $110. You would need to melt or shake the snow off.Heating the pool may do this.


You mention that I can sew wider widths of film. Could I do this on my own sewing machine? If so, what type of thread would I need?

Yes. Use heavy duty cotton covered polyester.