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How mouse/rat proof are your shelters?

On Dec 28, 2007

Bob, I currently live in the woods in an old RV. I have had problems with mice and rats. How mouse/rat proof are your shelters? Would adding a floor make them more mouse resistant?

I can’t believe your prices are so much lower than the other yurt/dome sights I have checked out. You have the most informative website I’ve seen. I am very interested in purchasing one of your products. Fonda AR

Hi Fonda

Nothing short of metal or glass seems rodent proof. Having a wooden floor will not help. I have found with mice and rats if you offer them NO food they generally go elsewhere. Keep All food in mouse proof containers; keep counters and floor very clean; locate trash and wast food away from your shelter in sealed metal trash cans; if you take your dome down, store it were mice or rats can not get to. They will still sometimes make nests were you do not want them. Trapping and relocation can help.


Bob Gillis