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On Mar 14, 2009

On Mar 14, 2009

Hello Eleanor and Bob,
Your product or part of it may be the answer to my prayers. I am leaving to Dominican Republic to build some concrete domes on my land and for the community starting April 24th. I was hoping to use the monolithic airform as my form for the concrete but shipping and getting it there both in time and economically is proving impossible. So I was looking for another solution.

Can you construct your frame without the canvas? If so is it then strong enough to have some metal flashing or similar draped over it? I am looking for a quick set up and disassemble otherwise I could fashion my own rig.
We would then use this as our form for concreting an initial layer of the dome with the rebar also in place. Once hardened and other layers added we would then want to go inside and disassemble the frame to use on another dome. If this proved successful this would be a great alternative to the airform which is more costly and difficult to get into many 3rd world regions.

If any of this idea is in the least bit feasible please get back in touch with me to discuss this further and let me know how much you would charge me for a 20′ frame and how much the frame alone would weigh. This venture is being funded solely by myself and not with any charity except my own. This could be a new idea for your company to help with more permanent housing in areas which desperately need it.

I would be grateful for your prompt reply.

Best wishes


The frame is supported and stabilized by the covering and will not stand without it. Netting is too stretchy to replace the covering. You could put the dome up with the frame and covering and then cover the frame with say, our sun shade ( ) or the like: you can buy this as rolls from Home pot and other gardening stores, and then apply a light coat of foam and then if it is strong enough (I do not know if this will work) apply say, chicken wire and a thin coat of concrete. If it works, you could then cut the clip cords to dome’s cover to free it for reuse by attaching cords, connectors, and poles. With out the foam I do not think the dome with its cover is strong enough to hole the weight of the concrete. Even with the foam I do not know if it will work. Sounds like a good project. If you try it let me know how it works out.


Bob Gillis