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3/7/00 Hello,

I work for Columbia University, and we are looking to find some sort of portable structure for our softball field to house our scoring and public address table. It needs to have an opening in front to view the game and be able to put an eight foot table with chairs facing the field. We would put it behind the backstop fence.

Looking through your inventory, it looks as if your Crystal cave may work well. I have two questions:
1. Does the Crystal cave let in light?
It is very cold on the field and sunlight is important for the workers. Plus, they will need light to see what they are doing.

Order it with the translucent cover.

2. Can a door be installed in the back side? We would need one side completely open to view the field, and since that would be against a fence, would need to enter from the rear.

There is a door in the back

You should also consider the “Open Arch” forms of out SolarDomes or GroDomes say the 18’ers. Looks more like a softball.


Can a riser wall built of wood be made for the 30 and 20? How would the dome be attached?
One of the problems here would be to seal the bottom good to keep out the
many centipedes we are blessed with here.

Dear Ed,
Yes, a riser wall built of wood can be made for the 30 and 20. It could be attached with “eye” bolts where each of the poles normally comes down to the ground. There are 20 poles on a 30′ and 12 poles on a 20′.


I would really like to know how to duplicate that tensegrity model pictured on your site (the one made from the blue rods and wire). Last night I made myself thirty identical rods, found some string and tried assemble the thing from the picture. I tried for hours with no success whatsoever.

Use rubber bands first, then put on string. The rubber bands balance each other. If you have trouble, call.


found: via the site
imp: i thought the SOLAR tent produces solar energy. does it? If its not, the
name seems like a misnomer to me — that is the type of tent i’m looking for.

The Yurt Dome covering does catch 60% of the suns energy and it reflects 40%.


Do any of your shelters lend themselves to a full-time living
 I have been considering buying a yurt. I also live in Canada
– cold in the winter.

Thank you,

Yes, but do read our warnings that are in our online manual.

Your yurt dome could be destroyed in extreme weather and your life or safety could be at risk. In heavy snow or wind your yurt could collapse, damaging what you have or compromising your shelter. Do not rely on your yurt dome as your only shelter. Accumulated snow, must be melted or shaken off periodically. Do not set your yurt dome under a tree or branch that might fall on you. Keep all flames and heat away from your yurt dome’s covering and objects in your yurt dome.

i would like to know more about permanent structures. I would love to get one of these and just live in the woods. if you have any info on permant stuff please email me

What do you mean by permanent.?We make light weight shelters that last from 2 to 10 years depending on the setting.


im puzzled why there are not any domes for round swimming pools i have a 21′ round and would like to see a 25′ dome in production that would leave a way to attache the dome down to the deck. i could see using the 30′ on 27′ pool. there are many pools in the 15′-to the 24′ range. thanks gary.

The reason we up from 20′ to 30′ has to do with the efficient use of materials. A 25′ dome would cost as almost as much as a 30’er to make.