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“Miscellaneous” “Kayak”

“Miscellaneous” “Kayak”

I was wandering how stable the kayaks that you built are? are they
stable enough to go down rivers with?

Yes, it is quite stable; but a mono hull kayak has advantages over an interal fraim kayak like the 4 hr kayak. If you hit a rock hard the kayaks ribs could brake and pin you in so that you would drown. We recomend that you do not go down a rive in a 4 hr kayak.

“Burning Man” & “Climate”

i read all your replies to wind questions & am seriously considering the
option of purchasing a dome for Burningman— although i want to know
what is the worse case scenario in extreme winds…

It is best to take the dome down in heavy wind or at least the bottom 12 poles and then re-secure the dome.

if i used concrete stakes for the guy lines and dome anchors,
I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t blow away— But what are the chances of the
dome ripping in heavy gusts??? Is it more likely that the PVC will bend
& buckle first (i’ve seen that happen on home-made domes)????

A few poles will brake and the covering could get torn in extreme winds.

Also, after Burningman, is simply hosing off the dome the best
way to clean it???

I would put it up on a clean site and hose it off. Be sure to let it dry before you put it away or any little speck of dirt will mildew and your dome will smell the next time you put it up.


As I understand the information, your return policy and 1.5 year warranty do not apply to the Bubble Domes. Am I correct?

They are covered by the 1.5 year warranty but are not returnable since they are a special order; except the 10’er.

“Sizes” & “General”

Questions about the Solar Dome:
One of the tables indicate that the height of the opening for the 20′ is 7’5″ for the open arch situation. Yet the photographs suggest that there is a pole running across the opening at about 5’5″.

That measurement is for the”open arch” form of the dome:

What is the highest opening possible with a 20′ Solar Dome?


  How are the net walls intended to be used? They replace two sidewalls in the 14 and 18’ers.

Are they for the open arch?


Do they offer a fairly unobstructed view?


How do the net doors differ from the net wall?

The net doors are under the doors. You can up to 4 per dome and 8 on the 30’er.

How much light does the liner block?


Is it possible for one person with patience to setup a 20′ dome?


“Miscellaneous” & “Uses”

I am looking for a shelter that could house a 22 foot diameter balloon. The
trick is providing an entrance/exit system for the balloon while it is
inflated. If you do not already have a design that could accommodate this,
would such a design be possible with your technol

The 30’er made in a full sphere ( with an open arch ( would work I think. You would have to support the sphere with 4×4 posts set in the ground.


On the translucent, how long does it last for covering a fraim green house
purpose, and how much per foot or yard? Thank you .

It should last at least 3 years in most conditions. You should shade it with a strip of wood where it contacts a wooden frame. It is $5 yd. It is 6′ wide.


The first catalog of yours I still have in my file goes back to 1988 I’m really glad to find the website. Richard