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“Climate” & “Miscellaneous”

“Climate” & “Miscellaneous”

I will be photographing wildlife in south Texas for six months starting
January 1st. Most of my work will involve spending long hours in
brutally hot photo blinds. Would your Half Dome with its reflective roof when placed over my photo blind keep me any cooler than a typical free standing shelter.

I would not need one as large as the 14 footer. My photo blind is about four feet wide. Would a shelter eight feet wide give me enough air space between me and the shelter to help relieve me of some of the
heat? What is the typical temperature difference between the ambient
air and air under the shelter. Thanks

The 14′ half dome of silver and black should help a great deal. It would provide total shade for your smaller unit. Still, you should realize that the air temp. under the half dome will approach the air temp outside. It is the shade that should protect your smaller unit from heating up more than the air temp.

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