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On May 31, 2009

On May 31, 2009

I am looking online at your 18′ and 20′ playa domes.
I was wondering how big both of the domes are when they are packed up, for transport & storage.
Thanks so much for your time and help, your domes are great!

Dear Victoria,

Thank you for your interest in our shelters.

The 18 foot dome is two packages:
Covering: 30 pounds, 31 x 14 x 14 inches
Poles: 38 pounds, 56 x 11 x 11 inches

The 20 foot dome is two packages:
Covering: 38 pounds, 36 x 18 x 18 inches
Poles: 48 pounds, 56 x 11 x 11 inches

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Regards, Eleanor

Subject: Re: Size of a packed up dome

Hi Eleanor,
I am looking at your PlayaDome package in the 18′ size. I see that the package includes the dome, poles, 1 shade, extra poles & clips & six feet of velcro.
Is this strips of velcro, or is it the velcro circles?


Are stakes included in this as well? How many, if yes?


If no, will the set of 12 Super Stakes, in your opinion be all the I need to secure the dome on the playa?

The stakes we provide seem to work on the playa but our Extra Strong and Super Stakes are more secure. See:

Would you recommend rebar as well as stakes?

Rebar can be used but is not as good as our Super Stakes: See:

If yes for rebar, could that be replaced with more Super Stakes instead?


For the Sun Shade that is included, is that the black shade?


I am looking to purchase an additional shade for the playa dome. I noticed that the black shade blocks 80% & the silver shade blocks 70%, but the silver shade is notably higher in cost. May I ask why and what the difference is?

The black is less expensive to make. I like the black best but if you plan to lay a shad on say a car or a RV the silver will work better. The reason is with the dome the shade is separate from the dome so that air can pass under and through it while if you just lay it on your car air can not cool it as much so the silver would be better for this use.

I have never secured a structure with guy lines when I have camped before, the stakes were always enough for the dirt and the placement of my tent.
Are guy lines included with the playa package?

Yes. Under most situations you need not guy your dome. Indeed if you do be sure to do it with bungee cords attached; see:

Do the instructions detail how best to secure the domes using the guy lines?

Yes, see:

In one picture on your site, it looked like there was a hammock hanging on the outside of the dome. Is the dome strong enough to hold up one side of a hammock with a person sitting in it?

No, would you please send me the URL to the page so I can look at what you are talking about.

For the floor that can be purchased, does it come as a circle or a square? Is it specially cut for the dome?

It is an approximate circle. The dome is 12 sided and the floor is meant to fit inside the dome up against the side walls a little bit. You can just as well use a blue tarp and cut it your self.

For the All-Weather Duct Tape that is mentioned on your site, it is recommended to seal up unused doors, for events like Burning Man for example, to help keep out dust. Does this duct tape leave a sticky film on the plastic or tarp after it is removed?

This tape appears to be much better than the standard duct tape. It is UV stabilized which should greatly extend its useful life. We are testing it in full sun but not enough time has passed to tell if it will leave a sticky film on the dome or floor. It can be very useful at Burning Man.

I live in northern Florida. If I place my order for an 18′ dome, plus stakes, sun shade & the floor today or tomorrow, can you estimate for me when it would arrive? I would like to receive the package no later than July 9th, if possible, for another trip I am planning.

We try to keep all our domes in stock but you will still need to get inline with your order since they are shipped in the order received. I would order right away as it takes at least a week to get to you using our standard ground shipping.

Will I need to sign for the package? I work during the day, so I may need to have it delivered to my job so I can sign for it.


With the items I mentioned above, about how big of a package would it be upon delivery?

Approximately three super sized duffle bags.

If I had it delivered to my job, I would need to make sure the size of the delivered package would fit in my car.

My guess is you can fit it all in your car.

When it’s time to leave the BRC desert, I will have to catch a plane home. Will the dust left on the outside & probably inside of the dome be okay for a few of days until I get home, decompress & then get to wash it off? (as long as there is no moisture?)

Yes, but do when you can, hose and scrub it off inside and out and let it dry before completely before storing.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I have been reading your website & oogling over all the pictures :o) I am very much looking forward to having a dome in our life. Thank you again for your time & I hope to hear from you soon.
Kind regards,