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Information about the Dome

Subject: Re: Information about the Dome

On Jul 17, 2009

I wrote to Eleanor and she told me to contact you regarding the air conditioner and lighting system. I live in Central America and the temperature and moisture are a bit high, that’s why I need to know if you can add some sort of air conditioning system to the dome. Do they have to be portable? How can I add a lighting system to the dome? They’ll be used for marketing events and we expect a lot of people and we don’t want any problems with the temperature of the dome and the lighting. Also, do you have any photos -besides the one in your website- with domes with air conditioner and lights? Thank you in advance for your response.

Claudia López

Hi Claudia

It is possible to install air conditioners and lighting in our domes. As to the air conditioner: I suggest you shingle in a thin sheet of plywood cut to be slightly bigger (so it fits tight in the opening) than your door opening by rolling up the door cover and inserting the plywood inside the dome on the top of the sheet and out side below (this will make the plywood rain shedding). Drill two holes in the top of the sheet so you can tie it to the inside clips of the dome. Cut a hole in the plywood to fit your air conditioner as instructed by the manufacture of the air conditioner. You can install lighting using an extension cord and common electrical installation procedures.


Bob Gillis