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question about the PorchShell

On Jun 29, 2009

Hi Bob,
I stumbled on the shelter-systems website, this evening 12 midnight (seems a good time for research, kids in bed, all is quiet) We just moved into a new home and need various shelters for the yard. I am looking at the roof shell page and came across this wording… quick sheds by setting them on 8′ 4×4’s sunk in the ground with plywood walls attached; and other low-arched roofs.

This may just be the thing I have been searching for as an alternative to ugly metal sheds. My question is, do you have directions on how to secure the 5′ X 5′ PorchShell to a plywood structure?

I also love the domes for a greenhouse, but those are self explanatory so no questions on those, just hoping shelter-systems is a one shop stop for my various needs.

thank you in advance,

Subject: Re: question about the PorchShell

Hi Gabrielle

The PorchShell’s poles terminate at it’s edges with Grip Clips that have a nylon cords attached to them. One way to secure the shell to a plywood structure would be to attach “eye bolts” near the edge of the structure. Then tie the Grip Clip cords to the eye bolts such that the short “skirts” on the edges of the PorchShell shingle over the plywood to create a rain shedding structure. You could also nail or screw strips of thin wood to the skirts: see BikeShed manual:


Bob Gillis