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On May 18, 2007,

On May 18, 2007,

Hi Eleanor,

I received the dome and I am not completely satisfied yet, I am having trouble with the floor it does not fit no matter which way I turn it there is a side that will not have anything to attach to the side of the dome. Round is cool but odd shape does not work that well with round. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to make this work?

Thank you,


Hi Riana

Sorry you are struggling with your floor. Try this: set up you dome and pull it out to be as close to a circle as you can on a day with low wind. Stake the dome out loosely and adjust if it is not forming a even circle. Spread your floor inside the dome so that some of the floor goes up evenly on each Linner14of the sides of the dome. If you have a fair amount of storage then spread it out around the edge of the floor next to the dome to hold the floor in shape and up against the sides of your dome. Often this is enough to hold your floor in place and you can get by with adding a clip to the floor on each side of the door you use to hold the floor tight against the foot traffic of entering and exiting. To attach the floor with all of the 12 Grip Clips that come with your floor attach cords to the smaller male parts of the clips by knotting one end of the cords and slipping the other ends of the cords through one of the holes in the male clips. Attach a Grip Clip to the floor about 2″ from one of the domes ground clips such that the male part of the clip with it’s attached cord faces the ground. Feed the end of the cord through the male part of the dome’s ground clip, use a paper clip to loop around the cord and pull the cord out of the larger center hole of the clip; then pull it tight and tie a knot in it to hold the floor to the dome. Now go to the opposite side of the dome, pull the floor tight and attach and tie a clip to the dome. Next do the same for the two clips that are midway between the two that you have just done. Now finish up by proceeding in this same manner to attach and the remaining 8 clips. This should provide you with a tight, flat and even floor. Be sure to stake out your dome tightly after you are done.


Bob Gillis