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On Jun 7, 2007

On Jun 7, 2007

Playa bound…

Hey Bob—

After 10 years of fooling around with shade structures on the playa
…our group is seriously looking at your products…and a couple things keep coming up that I’m sure are on your website but just wanted to check—

—Storage for the other 51 weeks a year…Is this the whole set-up for a 30 foot dome?30Packed

How do we clean the playa dust off the cover before we store it (for 51 weeks a year…)

Thanks for your time

Hi Mark

That is the whole 30′ dome. Note that the fellow is 6′ tall.

One way to clean it is to set it up on a lawn and hose it down inside and out. You can also use a brush or mop with soap. Rinse and dry completely before storage. The dome must be completely dry before storage; the dome it self will not mildew, but small specks of dust and dirt on the dome etc can mildew and stink up your dome.


Bob Gillis