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May 17, 2007

May 17, 2007

hi Bob,

Can you convert the 31′ in to a 30′??

Am I right in uderstanting that the 31 foot dome has just one “extra skirt” of “clipped/shingled on” pannels at the bottom ?
It would be perfect for me If it would be possible to convert the dome between the two sizes as I cant make up my mind about size ( I will need it for various purpuses some times BIGGER some times smaller )

Should it not be possible to unclip the bottom row of panels ==> could they be rolled up and the lowest level of poles be taken out ??

Hope you understand my querie.

Looking forward to hearing from you

regards Kilian

PS I am very chuffed to have found your fantastic tent constructions and am looking forward to owning one


Yes, you can convert a 30 to 31 by adding on the lower side walls. You can also remove the poles from the lower wall of a 31 and roll up the wall to create a 30′.


Bob Gillis