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April 24, 2007

April 24, 2007


After 6 playa years our dome needs help.
Obviously I need at least 1 repair kit, but want to get everything I
need without a lot of thrash.

….As to the repair kit: the main ingredient is the 100% silicone rubber glue which you can get at Home Depo if you want. We will send you some scrap for free with any other order you make; just let us know.

Some questions:
I am considering replacing all the poles. Is this just standard
PVC I can buy at home depot?

….Yes, if you can find class 125 or 200 (thin wall). Compair it with one of your poles. Look for it also at companies such as Ewing that sell irrigation supplies.

Playa has ruined the zip cord used in the dome. Can I just use
parachute cord?

….You can if it compares with what we use on the dome. It should be 100% nylon.

What is the difference between your “18′ Extra Strong Dome” and my
regular 18′ dome?

….The difference is the windows. The ES has a stronger window material.