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On May 13, 2009,

Subject: Re: Geo-

On May 13, 2009,

We’re considering using one of your yurtdomes as a promo tool as they resemble our biomes at the Eden Project . Would it be possible to have one made entirely out of clear plastic? If so, could you give us prices for the various sizes and an idea of delivery times?


Hi Katy

We do make our domes using a greenhouse covering:

Shelter Systems’ Special Super Strong Woven Ripstop Films
Shelter Systems’ coverings are made by taking a special plastic copolymer (a simple compound composed of carbon and hydrogen which is chemically similar to wax) and stretching it until it becomes stiff. At this point, the material is at its maximum tensile (pull) strength. It is then sliced into thin strips and woven into a fabric. This gives it amazing tear resistance. The fabric is then laminated on both sides with some sheets of the same stretch-strengthened material and is thereby stabilized and super strengthened. You cannot tear it with your hands.

Shelter Systems’ Translucent Greenhouse Covering (to the right): Lets 90% of sunlight through (more than glass). UV transmission is over 75%. Designed for greenhouse and solar use.

Greenhouse fabric: uvB=59% transmission; uvA=68% transmission; visible light transmission=84%

also see:


Bob Gillis