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On May 13, 2009a

Hi Aurora

Your questions are answered below:


Bob Gillis

To Whom It May Concern:

I’m Aurora Arroyo from a Spanish communication agency and we’re writing to enquire about the shelter systems you offer in your web page. I tried contact with your commercial department but it was impossible I think due to time difference, and I left a voicemail in your voicebox.

We’re interesting in the Shelter Systems 20’ or 30’ PlayaDome Shelters, to use it a Prommotional Brand Road Show that will tour several cities, so we would like clear up some doubts:

– Sizes and prices.

The prices are correct on the web site:

For sizes see:

– Sort of material both tarps and structure.

The covering is a woven rip-stop film that is UV and FR. The poles are PVC.

– Way of shelter grip into the floor. Stick Type.

Grip Clips are used to tie the floor to the walls of the domes:

– Transport way.

Our standard shipping is UPS Air. About 1 to 2 weeks depending on stock.

– Send method and times.

And we have other questions like:

– Is there a possibility you supply floor or dais? Which material is it? Do you supply windows too?

Floors: is of woven rip-stop film. The 20′ comes with 3 windows and 4 doors. The 30′ by 16′ comes with 4 doors and up to 8 windows ($35 each). The window do not open.

– Is there a way to set up another open mechanism, the entrance, instead of we have sawn, could be take up more part of the doom?


– We would like to know if is there is a possibility some tarps there is colour tarps or some of them would be transparent, and if you could print the tarps as well too

The only color we use is white. For strength reasons we only install window in the triangular panels. We do not print on our domes but others have; test first.

I would be grateful if you clear up us these doubts and if you could explain us more shelter possibilities that are unknown for us, anyway, I would try to contact you again.

See: and

Thank you very much for your attention, and I look forward to your reply,


Just a main question, we haven’t clear the way/system to fix the structure into the ground without hammer it. You explained that it was with “Grip Clips” but, I think you are refering the joint among walls and floor, but I am refering about fix the structure into the ground, but we need a without hammer system. We cant stick the structure into the ground. It could be possible? Could you help us please?

Thanks a lot.


What is your appication? is it to be inside?


Bob Gillis

No, on principle, the application is outside,
But I mean that we can’t stick into ground because some places doesn’t allow us.
We are going to put it into paving or road surface, I mean, a hard/stiff surface.

Is there a possibility to fix the structure into the ground without stick it, and without make holes into the ground/paving??



I understand now. The way this is usually done is with many large water barrel drums placed all around the dome. The dome’s clips are then tied with strong cord though the holes in the top of the barrels. You Must use enough weight to hold the dome down and stable against unexpected strong wind.


Bob Gillis

Thanks Bob.

Could you sell us these water barrels drums?? Do you have a picture of them please?? We need to know how they are…

And I have another question, I think I asked you it before:
We want serigraph the covering/traps in a printer store. (it would be possible??),

One source: but I would think you could find these in a city near where you live.

Most customers have banners printed on white vinyl by a banner printer and then hang them against the walls of the dome.


Bob Gillis