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Date: May 14, 2009

Hello Bob,
On one hand, I attach you with the dome design we are thinking with two entrances in both sides. It could be possible??
In other hand, I want to comment something:
We don’t want to put the water drums at the dome sides, so, we are thinking in installing a dais/platform on your blue floor, this platform would have enough weight to hold the dome. The question is, how cold we tie this platform with the sides dome??


I see that my wild guess at the shipping was way off but this is a big dome. As to the two way open arch. It may be possible but it will weaken the structure. If you decide to go that way put the dome up and secure it first then remove the poles under one arch at a time. Unclip by the two doors bases and roll up and tie the covering under the arch. See what you think; then do the other side and check to see that the dome is strong enough for you. If you expect wind, do Not create open arch ways as the dome is weaken and could fail.


Bob Gillis