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Matt & Sci

Hi Bob & Eleanor,

Hope this email finds you both well.
My girlfriend & I are currently working on our theme camp for this year’s Burning Seed event, which is the Australian version of the U.S. Burning Man & will take place in early October. This will be the 4th year of the event & it keeps growing every year. We have been to 2 so far & our last one saw us gifting & running a tea house which was an oasis for many people to relax & enjoy a beautiful space out of the weather while meeting friends, listening to music & sipping coffee & teas from around the world.
Last year we used a 27 foot by 10 foot tent with a small annex added on but this year we want to take it up a notch. We are thinking of purchasing one of your amazing 31 foot YurtDomes (along with a floor, a porch & some extra poles & connectors) to use this year & also at many more festivals & events into the future.
Can you please help us on our mission by answering some questions that we have.

#1- Are the YurtDomes & the PlayaDomes exactly the same dome? (They look like it from the photos on your site & if so, it would be more economical for us to get a 31 foot PlayaDome Kit.)


#2- Your site states that there are only 4 doors & 4 windows allowable in the 31 foot dome. Is it possible to safely have more windows? Where are the windows & doors situated around the dome? Are there any choices for placement or are they pretty much fixed positions?

It is possible to have 8 windows they are in pairs of two over each one of four doors. This is a special order non-return nonrefundable. These windows are higher up and cannot be seen through while standing.

#3- Are the vinyl windows paintable? (We are thinking a lead-light effect)

They are paintable. You should test individual paints on the corner of the vinyl before committing to paint whole windows. Make sure the paint sticks and stays with the flexing of setting up and taking down the dome.

#4- We are trying to come up with a specific look with regards to interior decorating of the dome so we will probably make some sort of custom liner. Can you supply us with a list of the dimensions (L x W) of each type of interior panel of the 31 foot dome so that we can commence working on ideas for possible decoration etc.

Because of the bias each panel should be individually fitted if you want to type nice-looking liner. Call me 650-323-6202 for details.

#5- We want to get the 20 extra poles & connectors so that we can attach guy ropes to help hold the dome down in case the wind gets hectic. Are guy ropes with metal springs ok or do we need to use bungee cord guy ropes as specified in your manual?

Your idea may work. You should test. Generally do not recommend guidelines. In that they tend to localize stress causing failure of material at clips where guidelines are attached. The domes are self guying and with loads spread throughout structure instead of being localized in one or more places were overloading can occur.

#6- Are you able to give us any idea on the pricing for freight & insurance to have everything sent to Melbourne, Australia?

Email Eleanor.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give us & thanks for designing what looks to be an excellent, flexible, portable dome that will suit our needs.

Kind regards
Matt & Sci
Melbourne, Australia