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Less poles, less clips, less work.

Hi Tom

Less poles, less clips, less work.

Standard is white, Shelter Cover.

My # 650 323 6202


I have a small hot tub, I need a dome. Why is the 11 foot Yert cheaper
that the 10 foot? Which type of covering is standard? Thanks!

Tom Ricketts, Business Manager
Fillmore Central School
104 West Main Street PO Box 177
Fillmore, NY

Dear Bob,

We are working on an Art project of video dome projection. We’ll be interested by your bubble dome 20″.
Eleanor invit me to contact you about the possibility of a covering with black outside and withe inside wich seems better for video projection (specialy outside in day time).

Ask for black out, white in, when ordering

Does this kind of cover will be water tight?


Could the cover be reversible for other uses?

Yes, but would have to add connectors or move the pole connectors from the outside to the inside also the shingling would be reversed making the dome not water tight

Call me at 650 323 6202

Thanks while waiting to your reply.

Jean-Claude Pieri
Vidéaste, concepteur multimédia