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problem with dome shelter

On Mar 16, 2009
we have a 19′ ? dome shelter, just recently set up. had a minor disaster- we had a late, evidently wet snow, which collapsed the shelter, broke poles, bent others. appears that we should have gone out and shook off the snow a couple of times 🙁 fortunately, nothing had been planted in the grow beds in the dome, so no serious damage- other than the hassle with replacing the poles.

we did have a previous storm- and I did go out and knock the snow off- but it was after the storm was over, so I extrapolated and felt that it would not be necessary until the storm was over- wrong !!

anyway- short of paying better attention to the weather and shaking snow off during the storm, is there anything else we could do to help prevent this problem in the future?


Subject: Re: problem with dome shelter

You may want to consider putting a small stove in your dome which you could turn on when you are not around to melt the snow and cause it to slide off. You may be able to rig up a device to turn on or up your stove when a certain weight of snow fell when you were not around. I have not done this my self but it would seem to be possible. Take care so that your stove will not get so hot it melts your dome and that any device you make works with out error.


Bob Gillis