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On Mar 1, 2007

On Mar 1, 2007

Hi Bob,

I am loving your website. The yurts you are building are very intriguing. I feel the call of the wild and want to go live in the mountains in a twenty footer. The light and airy feel I am imagining seems to be a truly healthy way to live.

But I am wondering if I will be able to stay warm as you say on the web site. Also i am wondering if it will be loud in the yurt with tarp noise at every shift of the wind. I am thinking of the tarps I have set up and camped under in the past.

One more concern is the snow and wind disclaimer. I know that you likely have to put that in there for legal reasons but it does tend to make me think that it would be foolish to try to live in something that cannot handle snow and wind.

Do you have any slightly used 20 footers at this time?

Are you able to give me the email address of someone who is living year round in one of your structures in a colder climate?

Thanks and peace to you,

Hi Jimmy

If you are using it in cold weather you most likely would want to have a stove. People have lived comfortably in these in cold climates year round but they are tent like and as such do not hold much snow or extreme winds and could fail in these conditions and therefore you should have the means to get to alternative shelter if need be.

The domes are drum tight and do not tend flap in the wind.

They will not hold much snow. If you plan to use them were it snows you should knock off the snow as it develops or heat the inside to melt and slide the snow off.

I do have a prototype 20 that was developed to use stronger poles and our Heavy Duty Grip Clips that we put up last week. It is discounted 15% but shipping is $90 due to the heaver poles. Note that it takes two strong people to put it up. The poles are 1/25″ instead of 1″ which makes the dome stronger but it still has a limit in how much snow or wind it can handle.

We do not give out any customer info.


Bob Gillis

Dome must be securely fastened to your deck with eye bolts/screws or the like. Floors must be set up inside the dome to make it water tight.

The size domes you mention would be fine for one but I do not think 2 people doing Yoga. I would go for the 11 YD as the other two have higher ceilings and your heat would go up.


Robert Gillis